There is a common misconception that dis-ease "runs in a family"...especially when it comes to diabetes. I have personally seen 7-8 family members die of complications of diabetes. It is not hereditary, there isn't a known gene that says you will have diabetes, and if they do find one with the genomics project, it has to be expressed for you to have the ailment.

The reason it seems to "run in the family" is because those members tend to do the same things...follow family recipes, have similar sedentary lifestyles, carb or sugar load and think the same thoughts among other things. Here's the simplest thing to do if it is prevalent in your family: Do something different!

Life continually gives us a chance to make different choices, it's up to us to take that opportunity.  There is a condition called pre-diabetes, when you are on the verge of becoming diabetic and fortunately can make changes so it never fully expresses.  In the age of the SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle we are seeing type II Diabetes run rapid among adults and children alike.  This, like any other dis-ease really deserves and need a multifaceted approach to address the issues, treat or prevent diabetes.

1.  Address Movement - Incorporating activity is paramount.  You can hire a trainer, buy some exercise DVDs, join a fitness class or any such thing.  You can also simply walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator on purpose, park further out in the lot - not trolling for a spot by the door, take multiple after-meal-walks in a day, peruse your neighborhood.  Play more, ride a bike, roller blade, run a race/marathon.  Entertain children.  Just make it apart of your life, keep moving and grow the movements.

2.  Address Nutrition - This is variable depending on what you are doing but overall eat whole grains, decrease or eliminate processed foods, eat 5 small meals a day, eliminate white foods (flour, sugar, potato) eat a hearty breakfast, eliminate softdrinks, decrease alcohol (it turns into sugar) and learn about the body's natural insulin- how and why it works.  Consult a Naturopath or nutritionist for a complete individualized plan.

3.  Add botanical medicine & Nutritional Supplementation - Before insulin and other drugs, diabetes was treated with plants.  Gymnema helps to regulate blood glucose (400mg a day); Allium cepa & Allium sativum (onion & garlic) with the extra benefit of lowering blood pressure; Momordica charantia (bitter melon) the fresh juice and extract of the unripe fruit lowers blood sugar.  There is also chromium that facilitates glucose uptake into cells and improves glucose tolerance (at least 200ug a day).  Most if not all of these things can be found in a local health food store or your nearest Whole Foods Market.   

4.  Address Energy/ Add Affirmation- According to Louise Hay the energy/thought behind diabetes is longing for what might have been.  No sweetness left in life.  Even if you do not think you agree, I would ask that you reflect on it and see if it is there in any aspect in your life.  Afterwards say this affirmation:  "This moment is filled with joy.  I now choose to experience the sweetness of today."  Write it on a note card, take it with you, post-it to a mirror, say it every time you walk into the bathroom or put it on the refrigerator or cabinet where you keep the junk food; say the affirmation before grabbing something.  As fully as you can sit in the moment, breathe in the words, be the words.  This may look like the simplest tool but it is the most powerful.  This is where change happens, infuse it into your energyfield and the rest will fall into place.  It will become easier to make better choices, to commit to something different because the real need has been fed.  

With the incorporation of the above you may feel the sweetness of movement; taste the sweetness in vegetables & bitter chocolate; experience the sweetness of the ritual of caring for yourself and sink into the sweetness of your life.  Not all sweets are bad!!

Be Different, Live Sweet!    

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New Beginnings

New year, new steps.  Lots of changes are continuing, the question is "how easily can you flow with change?".  Not to move against it but with it.  Learning lessons and incorporating them into your life, into your work, into your family and friends.  How to take that first tentative step without knowing where you are going to land....stepping any way to ???  Your new beginning, again maybe, cycles tend to repeat but each time you enter what appears to be the same thing, it's at another level.  Each new beginning is a deepening process that refines, adds dimension and more vibrant colors to a lesson that we have learnt or are learning.
These times are requiring a level of trust (faith in action) and faith (trust in action) that we may not have fully utilized before.

Here are some simple practices that can be done to help navigate when things feel a little shaky; like the ground may not be there when you step:

  • deep abdominal breathes
  • mindful activities - be it having a cup of tea, preparing a meal, washing, etc... let it be done with an intentional conscious focus on that action, that moment, put your whole self into it and enjoy the movements/temperature/surroundings
  • affirmations - create a positive spin on whatever the thought is in a sentence and repeat
  • dance it out - or walk, some form of physical activity that is engaging and encompassing to shake that energy from your body
  • write it out 
  • reconnect spiritually
  • breathe again
Unease happens, use one and more of the above and anything else that helps (besides addictions), be gentle with yourself and remember that it is a practice.  Micheal Jordan is who he is because he was willing to put in the practice.

Each moment is a new beginning.....
Until next time, Embrace it!

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Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Until then, Be Serene!


This is a time of great transitions, the Earth is changing and so are the inhabitants on her. We are moving to a higher consciousness, it affects us on the large scale (ie...this economy) and the small individual scale. The destruction of what once has been brings with it the joy and passion of new creations. Perspective wise, it's more fun to focus on the possibilities than the losses.

On my own personal small scale, my practicing office has closed and I'm in the process of creating another space to work with my beloved patients; to those of you who are waiting, I ask that you please be patient, it is coming!! For those of you willing to travel, I do have an office in Manhasset, Long Island, seeing patients Mondays, to make an appointment please call 516-312-1972.

There are great things in the works, perspective wise I'm totally focused on the possibilities, it is exciting, new website, new branding, new group healing, new writings.....what is happening new in your life? What is opening to you? What are you creating?

Happy transforming!

Be body, mind & spirit

Healing Music

Sound is important, it triggers memory, emotions, thoughts.... it can change our frequency. The vibrations coming from the music we select to listen to can elevate or depress our moods, by speeding up or slowing down the rate we are vibrating. Everything vibrates, it's energy; slowly vibrating objects appear solid; the ones vibrating at a faster rate appear less dense, like water going from ice to steam. In that sense music can heal us, hitting certain frequencies for the ailment.

Here are a couple of my favorite albums, that seems to vibe at a higher frequency:
  • India.Arie: All 3 albums, especially Testimony Vol 1: Life & Relationships
  • R. Carlos Nakai - In Beauty, We Return
  • John Coltrane - The Very Best of John Coltrane
  • Bob Marley - The Box Kit, and if just one album: Legend
  • Will Calhoun - Native Lands
Of course this list can go on, these are those that I felt a personal healing connection to myself, for where my frequency was. Check out your music and notice which ones you turn to when healing is needed, feel free to add to the list.

In Health, Be Peace

Hydrotherapy for Winter Blues

Hydrotherapy, an ancient approach to accessing water's healing properties, continues to be utilized across the world. Like some of my patients, you may be wondering if such an approach remains an option for cold/winter environments. I answer with an emphatic YES! I encourage you explore the benefits of practicing some of these techniques now.

For now, I'm not speaking of the running waters of the ocean or powerful waterfalls. There are ways of benefiting from every day tap water. If you are able to visit my office, I can introduce you to Constitutional Hydrotherapy, an application of hot and cold compresses to the torso and back. I also make use of electric stimulation, essential oils and castor oil depending on the condition. These techniques work on the full body (constitution) and the benefits include:
  • detoxification of the body
  • stimulated immune system
  • strengthen respiratory system
  • increased metabolism
W.K. Kellogg (yes the corn flakes tycoon) had a sanatorium, where he used hydrotherapy as his main healing modality. Athletes also frequently use these techniques to recover from sprains and strains.

A simple technique you can do at home is called the Wet Sock Treatment. It can be used when you feel the beginnings of a cold coming or you need an immune boost.
What is Needed:
1 thin white cotton sock
1 thick wool sock (or two very thick cotton socks)
cold water
How to do it:
Wet the thin white cotton sock with cold water, wring dry so it's not dripping, cover with wool sock.

When to do it:
It's best to do at night when you're going to bed, keep on all night, will be dry and warm by the morning. Make sure to wrap up with a blanket, keep yourself warm!

Who can do it:
Almost everyone, this technique is harmless and can even be used on children.

Stay Healthy, Stay Bright

Fall Fly-Away

If you are fortunate enough to see squirrels outside of your window, then take a peek... all around nature is going into preparation for the winter, we are no different. It is time to gather up those resources that will take us through winter.  Instead of storing food, we can prepare for prevention and gather herbal remedies for colds & flu.

You can simply stock spices/herbs and/or products for the shelf. For those of you who are brave of heart and love the meditation of working with your hands, here's a supermarket list:

  • garlic cloves 
  • raw unprocessed honey
  • ginger root
  • peppermint leaves
  • onions
  • organic bell peppers (all colors)
  • cayenne pepper
  • lemon
  • apple cider vinegar
  • more garlic 
  • Bulk herbs of: astragalus, chamomile flowers, calendula flowers, elder flowers, echinacea, licorice, red clover, lemon balm, spearmint and rose hips. 
It may take a trip to the health food store to pick up all of the items.  Now once you have some or all of those ingredients and with the proper directions for you or your family member, you can do the following:

1. Build up the immune system....... to prevent colds/flu
2. Make cough syrups, herbal drinks/baths........ once you first hear or see signs of illness in your household
3. Enjoy the side effects........ heart health, lower/maintain cholesterol, diabetic friendly

To make herbal drink: Bring water (preferably not tap) with herb(s) and/or roots to boil, then simmer for 30 mins. Drink about 3 cups a day, if needed use raw honey.

To cook: Add onion, garlic, peppers to as many things as possible.... tomato sauce, salads, omelets, beans, etc....

For those who are not yet up to letting your kitchen be your medicinary, there's always Vit C, Zinc, Garlic Pills and many professional grade products that can keep you through the winter. As always, get a consultation from a Naturopath or Holistic Practitioner to give you a specific plan.

Happy Gathering!!!