Hydrotherapy for Winter Blues

Hydrotherapy, an ancient approach to accessing water's healing properties, continues to be utilized across the world. Like some of my patients, you may be wondering if such an approach remains an option for cold/winter environments. I answer with an emphatic YES! I encourage you explore the benefits of practicing some of these techniques now.

For now, I'm not speaking of the running waters of the ocean or powerful waterfalls. There are ways of benefiting from every day tap water. If you are able to visit my office, I can introduce you to Constitutional Hydrotherapy, an application of hot and cold compresses to the torso and back. I also make use of electric stimulation, essential oils and castor oil depending on the condition. These techniques work on the full body (constitution) and the benefits include:

  • detoxification of the body
  • stimulated immune system
  • strengthen respiratory system
  • increased metabolism
W.K. Kellogg (yes the corn flakes tycoon) had a sanatorium, where he used hydrotherapy as his main healing modality. Athletes also frequently use these techniques to recover from sprains and strains.

A simple technique you can do at home is called the Wet Sock Treatment. It can be used when you feel the beginnings of a cold coming or you need an immune boost.
What is Needed:
1 thin white cotton sock
1 thick wool sock (or two very thick cotton socks)
cold water
How to do it:
Wet the thin white cotton sock with cold water, wring dry so it's not dripping, cover with wool sock.

When to do it:
It's best to do at night when you're going to bed, keep on all night, will be dry and warm by the morning. Make sure to wrap up with a blanket, keep yourself warm!

Who can do it:
Almost everyone, this technique is harmless and can even be used on children.

Stay Healthy, Stay Bright


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is a great blog. Thanks for the health tip. Will try it tonight!

Anonymous said...

i found this really interesting,i love waters healing qualities and i noticed i get very down and passive with the slightest cloud..are the socks worn on the feet. and does this help depression in winter.thanks for your blog