This is a time of great transitions, the Earth is changing and so are the inhabitants on her. We are moving to a higher consciousness, it affects us on the large scale (ie...this economy) and the small individual scale. The destruction of what once has been brings with it the joy and passion of new creations. Perspective wise, it's more fun to focus on the possibilities than the losses.

On my own personal small scale, my practicing office has closed and I'm in the process of creating another space to work with my beloved patients; to those of you who are waiting, I ask that you please be patient, it is coming!! For those of you willing to travel, I do have an office in Manhasset, Long Island, seeing patients Mondays, to make an appointment please call 516-312-1972.

There are great things in the works, perspective wise I'm totally focused on the possibilities, it is exciting, new website, new branding, new group healing, new writings.....what is happening new in your life? What is opening to you? What are you creating?

Happy transforming!

Be body, mind & spirit

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