New Beginnings

New year, new steps.  Lots of changes are continuing, the question is "how easily can you flow with change?".  Not to move against it but with it.  Learning lessons and incorporating them into your life, into your work, into your family and friends.  How to take that first tentative step without knowing where you are going to land....stepping any way to ???  Your new beginning, again maybe, cycles tend to repeat but each time you enter what appears to be the same thing, it's at another level.  Each new beginning is a deepening process that refines, adds dimension and more vibrant colors to a lesson that we have learnt or are learning.
These times are requiring a level of trust (faith in action) and faith (trust in action) that we may not have fully utilized before.

Here are some simple practices that can be done to help navigate when things feel a little shaky; like the ground may not be there when you step:

  • deep abdominal breathes
  • mindful activities - be it having a cup of tea, preparing a meal, washing, etc... let it be done with an intentional conscious focus on that action, that moment, put your whole self into it and enjoy the movements/temperature/surroundings
  • affirmations - create a positive spin on whatever the thought is in a sentence and repeat
  • dance it out - or walk, some form of physical activity that is engaging and encompassing to shake that energy from your body
  • write it out 
  • reconnect spiritually
  • breathe again
Unease happens, use one and more of the above and anything else that helps (besides addictions), be gentle with yourself and remember that it is a practice.  Micheal Jordan is who he is because he was willing to put in the practice.

Each moment is a new beginning.....
Until next time, Embrace it!

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