There is a common misconception that dis-ease "runs in a family"...especially when it comes to diabetes. I have personally seen 7-8 family members die of complications of diabetes. It is not hereditary, there isn't a known gene that says you will have diabetes, and if they do find one with the genomics project, it has to be expressed for you to have the ailment.

The reason it seems to "run in the family" is because those members tend to do the same things...follow family recipes, have similar sedentary lifestyles, carb or sugar load and think the same thoughts among other things. Here's the simplest thing to do if it is prevalent in your family: Do something different!

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Life continually gives us a chance to make different choices, it's up to us to take that opportunity.  There is a condition called pre-diabetes, when you are on the verge of becoming diabetic and fortunately can make changes so it never fully expresses.  In the age of the SAD (Standard American Diet) lifestyle we are seeing type II Diabetes run rapid among adults and children alike.  This, like any other dis-ease really deserves and need a multifaceted approach to address the issues, treat or prevent diabetes.

1.  Address Movement - Incorporating activity is paramount.  You can hire a trainer, buy some exercise DVDs, join a fitness class or any such thing.  You can also simply walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator on purpose, park further out in the lot - not trolling for a spot by the door, take multiple after-meal-walks in a day, peruse your neighborhood.  Play more, ride a bike, roller blade, run a race/marathon.  Entertain children.  Just make it apart of your life, keep moving and grow the movements.

2.  Address Nutrition - This is variable depending on what you are doing but overall eat whole grains, decrease or eliminate processed foods, eat 5 small meals a day, eliminate white foods (flour, sugar, potato) eat a hearty breakfast, eliminate softdrinks, decrease alcohol (it turns into sugar) and learn about the body's natural insulin- how and why it works.  Consult a Naturopath or nutritionist for a complete individualized plan.

3.  Add botanical medicine & Nutritional Supplementation - Before insulin and other drugs, diabetes was treated with plants.  Gymnema helps to regulate blood glucose (400mg a day); Allium cepa & Allium sativum (onion & garlic) with the extra benefit of lowering blood pressure; Momordica charantia (bitter melon) the fresh juice and extract of the unripe fruit lowers blood sugar.  There is also chromium that facilitates glucose uptake into cells and improves glucose tolerance (at least 200ug a day).  Most if not all of these things can be found in a local health food store or your nearest Whole Foods Market.   

4.  Address Energy/ Add Affirmation- According to Louise Hay the energy/thought behind diabetes is longing for what might have been.  No sweetness left in life.  Even if you do not think you agree, I would ask that you reflect on it and see if it is there in any aspect in your life.  Afterwards say this affirmation:  "This moment is filled with joy.  I now choose to experience the sweetness of today."  Write it on a note card, take it with you, post-it to a mirror, say it every time you walk into the bathroom or put it on the refrigerator or cabinet where you keep the junk food; say the affirmation before grabbing something.  As fully as you can sit in the moment, breathe in the words, be the words.  This may look like the simplest tool but it is the most powerful.  This is where change happens, infuse it into your energyfield and the rest will fall into place.  It will become easier to make better choices, to commit to something different because the real need has been fed.  

With the incorporation of the above you may feel the sweetness of movement; taste the sweetness in vegetables & bitter chocolate; experience the sweetness of the ritual of caring for yourself and sink into the sweetness of your life.  Not all sweets are bad!!

Be Different, Live Sweet!    

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