Spring Clean, Inside and Out

New flowers blooming
on a bush
Spring is the time of year in which the energy is renewed and we tend to look around with fresh eyes.  Those eyes see things that we went blind to before, the increase of the sun helps us get the energy to start renewing our environment.

After the hibernating period of winter, we see the potential for new life in the buds, spring green leaves growing on the trees, flowers and grass again!  The brightness is inspiring and we use this energy to do the big "Spring Clean".  We dust, lift, wipe, clean cracks, windows, wash, set out new drapes, etc... we go to work on our home, cars & office.  But what if this spring we took that extra burst of energy and applied it to a big spring clean inside of us.  I hear your grumblings of "oh a cleanse, another detox, guess I need to lose a few pounds..."; no this is NOT YOUR AVERAGE DETOX, this is about all the other ways in which we need to cleanse.  Our thoughts, our negative habits, patterns & energy.  Negative emotions, mind clutter, etc...  We can look at ourselves internally &

Detox the Chaos

 I know that it can be hard to see ourselves, that why we use different things as mirrors.  The people in our lives, the things about them that stick out the most are reflections of us in some way.  We can become really conscious about our thoughts, emotions and actions, filter out what we don't like and release it.

Sometimes doing the work by ourselves becomes hard and we give up, so a supportive 21-day program was created to help guide the internal work.  There are tools and techniques to help filter out the negative thoughts, emotions and habits that we can hold onto.  There will be guidelines and techniques to implement a more positive, peace producing state of being, thus creating inner balance emotionally and mentally which also helps to open up physically.  There will be specific targets for the physical body throughout the program.

You will finish feeling renewed like those fresh drapes and sparkly rooms, with all the promise of the spring green leaves on a fruit tree.

How it would work:

  • It's a virtual program that utilizes conference calling and live videos weekly, so you do not have to travel to join
  • There's a shortened one on one session with Dr. Dean to find your custom supportive remedy
  • Time for questions to be asked and answers 
  • Support from others going through the same thing in their own way
  • Quick daily prompted work & reminders
  • We all have varying schedules and the program will work with all.  Remember that what we put into something is what we get out.  


Investment $250
Supplements separate
Uncovering The Peace Within....... Priceless

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