Busting The Dam(n) of Fear

Fear has a way of stopping us from doing things that may be necessary.  There are instances of fear in which we have no choice, regardless of what we are feeling, it is going to happen....like birth and death.  You can hold onto a baby but so long, if you are scared of labor, you just have to prepare because it's coming and you can't stop it.

The same goes with the aspect of growth.  When we are called to grow, to go to the next level of our life, it can invoke fear, lots of fear.  But what are we afraid of?  Change is the only constant in life, everything changes, everything changes us.  The real fear doesn't lie in change itself because we've had countless experiences with it. Starting from being in our mother's wombs to breathing air with our little lungs.  No, the fear is in the unknown.  The mind stuff we make up because we just don't know what will be.

Scared of what might be in the dark, scared of what might come to light.

So we try to "hold on" and keep things the same.  Which doesn't work either, it leaves us feeling stuck or antsy because we know that there is somewhere else, something else we need to be.  Another level, another place, another space of beingness.  What would it look like?  How will it feel?  Who will you be?  When is the "right" time?  Exactly where will you be?  It's all unknown until you get there, but it usually better than where you are.  Yes, better.  I'm talking about the times you KNOW something has to change, when you know that a move needs to made, when you feel that impulse of creativity & challenge.  When you are teetering on the edge of old and new.    When you stay where you are, trying to figure out where you're going to be and the unease grows.  When it's move with the motion so you don't have to be pushed by pain.  

Go with movement, a universal law (everything in flux, it's a physics thing) and take that leap. Jump, Let Go 

Remember, we usually end in a better place, looking back like "what was I afraid of" or "why did I take so long to do that". Allow yourself to be pulled by the dream, pulled forward by the vision, pulled into beauty.  Pulled into a knowing that all is well, pulled into Divine Order.  
Just jump......Grow.  

Go forward regardless.  Fear can be a mindtrip, so let your mind know, you're moving forward. Move now, feel the fear later (if it still comes). That's how you beat it, simply don't buy into it, don't let it stop your momentum.  You are not alone, we are all in this together, running, jumping or moseying along.  We were all made to grow.

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