Tea Time

As the weather starts to cool (or even before it does in many parts of the states now), it is an excellent time of year to start adding warmth to your body and always to your life. Herbal teas are not only medicinal, but highly enjoyable. Some countries make tea time a special ritual with deliberate movements, gestures and people.  

Even if you are not apart of a culture that has a ritual for tea, you can create one that will serve you well.  Taking time to be mindful while making a cup of tea can help de-stress and add moments of peace to your life.  Being mindful is simply being present with everything that you do.  So with tea, if using a tea bag or loose herbs, like the picture; when putting it in the water do it thoughtfully.Focus only on what you're doing. Watch the color infuse into the water. Smell the aroma that is wafting off. Put your hands on the cup and feel the heat. Allow yourself to seep into the process as the herb seeps into the water. 

As you take a sip of the tea, let the flavors dance on your tongue. See how many you can identify, play with it, become one with it as it becomes one with you. When you put it down, listen to the sound that the cup makes on the table, or the saucer. Use as many senses as you can.You can think about those who made it possible for the tea to come to you, and send them a blessing.The growers, the packers,the movers, the sellers. Because of them you were able to have this moment. The more you practice this the easier it becomes. Being in the moment turns five to ten minutes into an hour. So do yourself a favor, take some time and enjoy some tea!

Some suggestions: 

  • For a sweet taste use hibiscus or rooibos
  • To calm use chamomile or lemonbalm
  • To stimulate your digestion use peppermint or ginger 
  • Personal favorite (one of them)- Good Earth sweet & spicey simply for the taste
Yogi Tea and Traditional Medicinal brands has great options for herbal tea that is already in a bag.  You can visit your local health food store for loose herbs or pick it from your garden.  Go into the whole process of purchase with the anticipation of the enjoyment that it will provide you.  The mindful journey can start early.  You can create your own ritual with it by incorporating that time to do anything sacred, reading, praying or just being.  

Relish your tea time and the delight that it brings.  No matter how busy the schedule, make time for you.


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