Supplements a must?

Natural whole, unprocessed foods are our best source of nutrients. Unfortunately our soil isn't what it used to be providing us with essentially all our needs. So this is the main source of nutrition, between the decline of nutrient in soil, eating too much processed foods (fast food, many vegan alternatives, processed meats like hot does, etc). We now have to make sure we have enough vitamins and minerals. The environment is also a factor, in which we need more micronutirents to combat the negative effects.

Therefore the growing need for supplementation. It is to be used as a supplement, not the main source. Ultimately if we all could work a garden, grow our food and eat that, we would be in a good place. Making sure we rotate the crops and land. There is a source of farming called bio-organic farming that replaces the vitamins and mineral into the soil. But most of us, including myself, do not have the willingness to accomplish that. So even those who eat organic foods, needs a little more due tot he quality of the soil.

In comes the rescue of the supplement!! Thank goodness there is an alternative for us to have the full benefits of nutrients like our forefathers and foremothers. We do not have to be held under the thumb of stripped land, environmental pollutants or our own laziness/inability to grow food. Take action and supplement; whether your meals are well-planned or rushed, with the additional nutrients you can have optimal living. It is the lack of minerals mainly but also vitamins that can be the underlying cause of many diseases.

It is better to prevent than to cure something later. If you know measurement, keep in mind that one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, that's 16 to 1, keep the odds in your favor.

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