About Dr. Dean

Dr. Aminah Dean has studied health for over 20 years. Her experiences have afforded her the opportunity to study in several varied fields including psychology, Native American medicine, mind/body medicine and nutrition. This diversity has enabled Dr. Dean to create a unique, holistic healing style. Dr. Dean strongly believes that all dis-ease begins at the energetic level and subsequently manifests as physical challenges. She combines her extensive medical knowledge to uncover the "root of the dis-ease" within a person; treating all aspects of the physical, emotional, and energetic challenge. 

She has extensive knowledge of holistic healing practices, relaxation techniques and mind-body awareness exercises. Dr. Dean is a well-rounded Naturopath with expertise in creating a serene peaceful environment to help clients eliminate stress, anxiety, and pain. She has successfully treated hundreds of patients during 5 years of practice, and has been a keynote speaker for a non-for-profit organization at a health fair for teens, and volunteered at urban health fairs assisting with free diagnostic screenings. She has led nutritional workshops for the general public and at a religious organization; created and led a series of healthcare workshops at a private elementary school, and created a nutritional supplementation package for common ailments in children for household use.

Dr. Dean holds a BS in Psychology from Hampton University and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. In addition, she possesses specific training as a Bach Flower Essence Practitioner and Individual Counselor.